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Genders shall be easily ining the fresh wing trend

Genders shall be easily ining the fresh wing trend

Heteroperreyia hubrichi Malaise (Hymenoptera: Pergidae) try a primitive nonstinging wasp indigenous to northern Argentina and southeastern Brazil. The new biology, environment, and you will host directory of the brand new sawfly H. hubrichi was examined during the Brazil, Florida, and you may Hawaii (Vitorino mais aussi al. 2000, Medal mais aussi al. 1999, Hight ainsi que al. 2002, Cuda et al. 2005). New larval phase associated with insect is actually phytophagous (bush giving). Community data obtained inside Brazil indicate which types try bivoltine (a few generations annually). Sex proportion of grownups is approximately 1:1 (boys to lady) whenever reproduction is bisexual, nevertheless sawfly together with showcases arrhenotoky; mated lady build females and you may unmated lady build just men. Inside Brazil, a beneficial pupal diapause period happens in the summer months (December so you can February) and you can winter season (June to help you August).

Upon emergence in the pupal phase, girls lover and you will/or oviposit when you look at the more youthful woody twigs that are near the a great deal more delicate critical propels.

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